Red Karma Photography's Bring Your Style Session for senior portrait clients.

After the Senior Portraits.

After senior portraits, we typically invite our clients back for an informal, fun and spontaneous photo and video shoot. The shoot gives our clients one more experience in front of the camera with a twist. We named the photoshoot after our tagline… “Bring Your Style”.

Our Bring Your Style Photoshoot is an invite only session where clients experience a 45 minute to one hour editorial styled photo/video shoot. As part of their experience, each client chooses a t-shirt (swag) – they have three options:  Classic, Silver Edition, or Black Label.

On the day of the shoot, we start off with creating the Q & A video. This involves asking fun and random questions and letting them answer however they want. Shortly after, is the the photoshoot at a pre-determined location. Here, they can just be themselves; sport their RKP t-shirt; have fun and together, we create some cool images.

At the end of the process, we give them two of their favorite pics from the shoot; share a few images and video clips on social media; and include our editors favorite image in their Q&A layout. A few weeks later, we release the Q&A layout.

My reason for offering this one-of-a-kind experience is as a thank you and to let them know how proud we are of their accomplishments. Now that you know the details of our Bring Your Style Photoshoot, let me introduce…


A few weeks after her senior portraits, we invited Haley back for our Bring Your Style Session. We rocked the video and the on-location photoshoot on Sunday morning. Because of the look and vibe, we opted for downtown Warren as the location. From a side street; to an alley; and finally a parking lot, we created some great shots and had a great time. The last step was struggling to find the best image for her Q&A layout… the editor and I really did struggle with this – Haley did a great job on her shoot. To be honest, she was the director and I was simply her photographer… 🙂 If you follow us on IG, you can view one of the videos created during her Bring Your Style Session. Here’s the Q & A layout and a few images. Thanks for reading.

Senior Portraits and Red Karma Photography's Bring Your Style Photoshoot

Red Karma Photography's Bring Your Style Q&A layout for senior portrait clients


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