Save the Prom Dress Portrait Exclusive by Red Karma Photography

Last year was the first time we offered the Save the Prom Dress Portrait Exclusive. The reason was simple… why should you spend a lot of time and money on a beautiful dress only to wear it once? Even more, why have pictures taken in it inside a gym or local park like everyone else?

So, we created this opportunity to have your own photoshoot rocking that prom dress in an exclusive location. For parents (or yourself), we’ve included your favorite image showcased on Aluminum Wall Art, as well as a digital file for printing or sharing online. The exclusive location is in Warren, Ohio. Further details will be provided to those contacting us for more information or to book their session.

Last year’s location was in a beautiful home that offered characteristics of grunge or the elegance of beautiful wood and interior architecture. This year is similar but with A LOT more of options.

I’m Interested. What’s the Next Step?

Your next step is easy. Read over the details and give us a call before the July 11th deadline. Please keep in mind, we have a limited amount of sessions available.

Save the Prom Dress Portrait Exclusive

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